Joy in the Garden | Verónica Godoy

We’re still talking all things JOY on the Dear Daughters Podcast because I want to help you bring a little more joy to your everyday life. I am so excited this week because I love my garden and creeks and mountains and a big blue sky and we are talking about joy in nature!

Veronica Godoy spent most of her life out in nature, climbing trees and playing on the beach in Argentina where she grew up. God opened her eyes to the biology of His creation when she was just 8 years old and she knew then that it was what she wanted to study (and sure enough, she earned both a B.S. and PhD in biological sciences). She has been a scientist and a teacher, and now works at A Rocha, a national community of Christians working in biodiversity conservation to take care of our environment.

God gave us the important assignment to tend to and care for His glorious creation. We must be good stewards of nature, caretakers of the world around us. To be good stewards, first we need to care. To care, first we need to know. Listen in as Veronica and I talk about our JOY-filled responsibility of caring for our non-human neighbors … and how we develop the eyes to see their needs and a heart for that mission. Veronica invites us so warmly and graciously to take care of God’s creation and in turn receive so much joy from nature … I can’t wait for you to hear all she has to say.

There is so much we can learn about God in nature. I hope that you take the time to enjoy God’s creation and I pray that you become a good steward of the trees and flowers and birds and all the wonderful things God has made.



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