Kristin Schell of the Turquoise Table (dear daughters 6)

Do you have a big God dream? Is there something you wish God would do with your life that is so big and so fabulous that it sounds crazy to say out loud? Or maybe you wish God could use your life to speak to the people in your neighborhood but you don’t know where to start? If any of these questions tug at your heart, then you gotta meet my friend, Kristin Schell. Because that’s just the kind of thing God has been doing in her life the last three years.

On the Dear Daughters podcast today, you’ll be inspired with loads of fabulous, everyday recipes and more importantly … loads of ways to share your God story in a friendly, organic way with the people in your community via Kristin’s Turquoise Table idea that all started when she painted a Lowe’s picnic table turquoise and put it in her front yard.

Meet my lovely, hospitable friend Kristin Schell. :)

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the turqu

Big God dreams are born in everyday kinds of ways. ~ Susie Davis

Front Yard People are Gospel people. ~ Kristin Schell

What’s your God story? 

Front Yard People are messy with real lives and real problems. With food that doesn’t always work and houses that aren’t perfect. Biblical hospitality is not a perfect table setting .. it’s living a real life and loving people and making them feel connected right where they are. ~ Susie Davis

Want to make a difference in your neighborhood? Notice and pray. God takes care of the rest. ~ Kristin Schell

God is so good. He smashes all our passions in with His plans. ~ Susie Davis


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