Lemon Maple Vinaigrette

I call this Emily’s Vinaigrette because she loves it so much. But it’s not … it’s really a recipe from one of my all time favorite cookbooks:

With Love, From Cynthia

a collection of recipes & remembrances

It’s the cookbook with a collection of recipes from the famed Peach Tree Tea Room in Fredricksburg, Texas. With the just right touch of freshness and comfort – this is a cookbook I turn to again and again. But I am sad to report that you’d be hard pressed to find the cookbook now. Seems even the PTTR doesn’t sell them – which just makes sharing this recipe even more special.

Lemon Maple Vinaigrette

2 cloves garlic * 1 t. Kosher salt * Juice of 1 lemon * 2 T. maple syrup * black pepper, freshly ground * 4 T. canola oil

Place garlic cloves and Kosher salt in wooden salad bowl and mash with a wooden spoon until it forms a paste. Add lemon juice, maple syrup, pepper and oil, and stir to mix well.

Perfect over chopped romaine lettuce with freshly grated Parmesan. Emily loves it so much she sops up the dressing with French bread when the salad is gone. Hence, Emily’s vinaigrette.