Lilibet: Queen Elizabeth | Katy Rose

We don’t have to fear every trial and testing that comes our way … these things can be the making of a beautiful, steadfast spirit.

Who inspires you to keep going when things get hard? Welcome to the Dear Daughters Podcast! I’m so glad you’re here. This week I invited my new friend Katy Rose (that’s her real name!) to be my guest and talk about her latest inspiration

Katy is a talented artist, illustrator, and author. She lives in Texas with her husband of 18 years (her high school sweetheart) and their four children, who spark her creativity and greatly influence her art.

Queen Elizabeth II experienced many difficult and unexpected things in her life … but she kept going. Her “steadfast spirit” inspired Katy to live her own steadfast life and write her new children’s book, Lilibet the Brave: The Unusual Childhood of an Unlikely Queen. Listen is as Katy and I dig a little deeper into what we can learn from the Queen’s childhood and what we can gain from Katy’s book (children and adults alike).

I pray that we can find our light and bravery so we can do the things God calls us to do, right where we are … and cultivate a beautiful, steadfast spirit.