Making Time for Soul Care | Maddie Dyess

Do you need some rest for your weary soul? Taking time for yourself, even a few days, can make a big difference in your life. Find the clarity you’re looking for and the rest your soul craves. Reclaim your God-given vision and love your one beautiful life!⁠ 

Last weekend, I hosted a dozen women in my home for the very first Soul Care Weekend. You might think, “Yes, I need rest for my soul … but what exactly does Soul Care Weekend look like?” Good news, Maddie Dyess is here today to talk about what SCW did for her as a busy college student – and what it can do for you.

We talk about what soul care looks like practically and Maddie talks vulnerably about how Soul Care Weekend helped her and her mom connect in a deeper way.

Here are four interesting things about Maddie:

  1. “I’m a college student at Ole Miss.”
  2. “I’m the oldest of four siblings.”
  3. “I like flowers and taking care of plants.”
  4. “I’m a sorority and that’s a big part of my life.”

I know you’ll love meeting Maddie and you’ll be encouraged by our conversation.


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