On Contentment | Honey Holden | DD 72

Do you find yourself enduring the season of life you’re in, rather than embracing it? Do you find yourself always expectantly looking ahead, putting the opportunities of today on hold because you’re distracted by your dreams for what’s next? Maybe you don’t even want to want to be content with what your circumstance is right now, you just want it to end! Well, today’s episode is for you, friend.

I’m so excited to welcome Stephanie Holden, otherwise known as Honey Holden, to the show today. She’s a Southern girl, a pastor’s wife and a spiritual mama. She radiates such contentment, wisdom and an awful lot of whimsy – so I wanted you to get to know her. Today on the show, we’re talking about walking gracefully through life transitions, which I know is something you want to do too. And I think you’ll find that what Stephanie shares applies to any season of life where you’re feeling discontent, or where beauty and grief are bumping elbows.

Stephanie has been married to her husband Nick for 30 years. And she’s being doing ministry with him for 20 years. They have three adult daughters and 4 grandchildren. She loves thrift stores, popcorn, and little celebrations… and isn’t Honey just the most whimsical grandma name you’ve ever heard?

Honey is such a delight. I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Here’s the interview on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 73.

I found myself going to the Lord always asking him to fix something or to change something and I guess I was being manipulative or selfish even in my prayer time with the Lord. He finally, in his graciousness, revealed to me that he didn’t want me to merely endure the season that I was in. He wanted me to embrace it. I was constantly going to him to fix things, but some things weren’t meant to be fixed, it was the way life was going to be.~ Honey Holden

We so often want the 1-2-3- steps of contentment, when it’s about T-I-M-E. It’s about actually living in the hard seasons and accepting the beauty of the joyous seasons. ~ Susie Davis

God doesn’t just redeem, he over-redeems. ~ Susie Davis

One of the most horrible, divisive things you can do as a mother or mother-in-law, is to side with your child instead of being their marriage champion. ~ Susie Davis

When you get to be a spiritual mama, and you have girls that you think of as your best friends, you still have to be the grown-up. You have to be as honest and vulnerable as possible, and you also have to speak the truth. You have to be a grown-up wise woman, who chooses to encourage people in the way that God wants us to think- not just in being happy or being successful. ~ Susie Davis

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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)