On Family Legacy | Michelle Gage

We want to leave our kids with more than just memories, we want to leave them with a legacy.  

Rodney and Michelle Gage have always been all about family. When their oldest was 6 or 7 years old, they had a family pow-wow to decide what their family would be all about…and they want you to know it’s never too late to do that with your family, too.

Rodney and Michelle are the founding and lead pastors of ReThink Life Church in Orlando, FL. They have been married for over 28 years and have devoted more than 25 years to full-time ministry. They co-authored a new book, Family Shift: The 5-Step Plan to Stop Drifting and Start Living with Greater Intention that seeks to help families find God’s best possible life for them and get back to the basics of what’s really important.

Michelle tells us these four things about herself:

  1. “I grew up in Oklahoma. I’ve got roots where I’ve loved riding horses…cowboy-cowgirl back roots.”
  2. “I’m the oldest of four girls and I love the position of being the oldest.”
  3.  “We moved to Orlando, FL from Texas to plant a church. We lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area right after we got married and we lived there almost 10 years.”
  4.  “I’m a worship leader…and I’ve had a ministry to women for quite some time.”

Michelle and I talk about the importance of establishing core values for your family, identifying each family member’s individual goals, passions and struggles, finding life-giving friendships, and teaching by example. I love Michelle and her heart. I hope she encourages you to shift your focus back to what matters most and live with greater intention.

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My current book Dear Daughters is a template for those multi-generational conversations and relationships you’re craving. 

Dear Daughters is meant to be a bridge between two groups of women–dear daughters and spiritual mamas. Dear daughters are young women in search of spiritual guidance and spiritual mamas are women just a little further down the road with age-old wisdom to share. Each group has valuable insight for the other and the hope is that the reader will invite someone to come alongside them, pore over the included letters together, and pass along wisdom and advice that will make both lives more beautiful, wherever they are in their God story.