On Mother-Daughter Relationships | Emily Boone

The mother-daughter relationship is one that is heartwarming, beautiful and let’s be honest … sometimes fraught with boundary issues. As a mom of two young adult daughters and a daughter-in-law, my heart goal is to make sure that I love and honor them in the new stage they are in as young married wives.

Not always the easiest thing because what I’d really love to do is beg, cajole and/or guilt them into moving back to Austin. (And maybe even living with me. Ha.) Of course, I know this is not the smart thing or the loving thing. So I have to constantly make the choice to be a wise, spiritual mama. A mother who gracefully lets go of the very people she loves the most.

Which brings me to this whole notion of working through various seasons of life (like watching your kids grow up and move away) with deep contentment. In light of those two things, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to have my own daughter, Emily Boone, on the show and talk with her.

Emily is a photographer living in Navasota, Texas with her darling husband, Kenton, and her furry babies: Bowie and Howie.

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What life transitions are you in the middle of right now?

Imposing your will and prioritizing it over God’s will for your kids ends up wrecking relationships. ~ Susie Davis

Your plan over God’s plan ends in an Ismael.

Waiting and not knowing your next steps = wilderness experience.

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