Orange Julius Recipe

My 19 year old, Sara, went on a ski trip with Young Life. Here is a picture from her trip (taken by her friend, Amy Fricks :).

Doesn’t she look enormously happy and healthy? Yes. And she stayed that way the whole time she was skiing. Then she got on the bus with 38 of her newest, closest friends and headed back to Texas. Somewhere on that 20 hour bus trip, she texted me: I think I’m getting sick.

Sure enough. By the she got home, she had a big, bad, winter cold.

When Sara is sick, she asks for this

… an Orange Julius.

We made about 3 rounds of these in 2 days. They taste delicious, like a dreamsicle.

And they’re  loaded with Vitamin C.

Plus super simple to make.

Orange Julius

1 12-oz can orange juice concentrate * 1 can milk (use oj can) * 1 T sugar * 1 T vanilla * 6-8 ice cubes

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend til smooth.

Sara was nice enough to share the smoothies with me. (Probably because she shared her cold with me.)

I drink mine with a straw-spoon while wearing my cheapo Old Navy fleece and not-so-sexy-Uggs-thank-you.

After 3 grumpy days of chills, coughing and sneezing ~ I think I finally feel ready to face the world again.

What’s your family’s comfort food for colds?