Practicing Simple Hospitality | Jen Schmidt

I believe that gathering at the table over a simple meal is one of the best ways to love people and invite them to a closer relationship with God.

Welcome to The JOY Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! Right now we’re talking about the secrets to joy at the table and I’ve invited my favorite table experts on the show. I’m so glad you’re here.

Jen Schmidt lives in North Carolina with her husband, Gregg, and is a mom of five children and two daughters-in-law. Jen shares her heart for Jesus and hospitality on her blog, Balancing Beauty & Bedlam, and “accidental author” of her book, Just Open the Door. And, she now owns the Becoming Cottage to host ministry events (a lifelong big God dream of hers). Jen loves opening her door to people, engaging in deep conversation filled with truth and grace, and blessing everyone who sits at her table … or stands around her kitchen island. I hope this conversation we have is a blessing and an encouragement to you.

We can learn our own kind of table ministry from Jesus. Jesus was always inviting, always including, always wooing, and he centered so much of his ministry around the table, feeding people, meeting people, loving people. But we overthink this.

So, on this episode we dive a little deeper into what it looks like practically for us to ”evangelize at the table” … to be a blessing to others and simply live out what is so important in our lives, wherever we are in our lives, with intention.

I hope that you will be brave and not overthink it and make the invitation. You have exactly what you need. I pray that you can be a blessing and a light to others.



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