Prayer for Fathers

We all need strong father figures. Men who are wise and walk in that wisdom. Men who are faithful and show up for their families. Men who honor God and submit to him in all things.

Father’s Day is a great time to pray up your dad or the father figures in your life. They need our constant support and encouragement.

I’m especially grateful for my dad. He’s the one who teaches me about gratitude and God. 🤍 The one who appreciates the wonder of birds and trees and bats. He appreciates life’s little joys like a cup of McDonald’s coffee and all things small town Texas. 🧡 He never meets a stranger without making a new friend. He loves America and the Church – and he’s endlessly optimistic about both. He is devoted to Mimi and every member of his big ol’ family – and never forgets to tell us all how much he loves us. ❤️

Shower your dad with words of affirmation. And don’t forget to pray for him always.