Praying for Your Marriage | Will Davis, Jr.

Why does marriage seem so hard? And what is one thing you can do to bring more peace and joy into your marriage? That’s what we’re talking about today on the podcast.

Marriage is the physical representation of God loving the Church and the Church serving God. Marriage is so good but also incredibly hard because in essence, you are trying to become one with someone who is not you. That’s why it needs prayer.

These are just a few things Will and I talk about …

  • What a healthy marriage looks like.
  • How prayer can help marriage.
  • There is grace for all parts of your marriage (even failed ones).
  • What to pray for your spouse and your marriage.
  • Prayer promises for your marriage.
  • Dealing with disappointments in marriage.

My prayer is that your marriage becomes more and more like the model of Christ and the Church. I hope that you pray for and pray with your spouse. I hope that you pour out grace on yourself and your spouse and every part of your marriage. And I hope that you and your spouse have hearts to know God.