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Today on the dear daughters podcast, I talk with my very own dear daughter, Sara, about the real life and not so pretty ‘in-between Instagram moments’ in our life. We also unpack how to get through arguments with people you love …

Sara Davis is a UT graduate, musician, worship leader … and in a few short days she’s getting married!! You should check out her engagement photos.

sara davis

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Show Notes


Things to Think About

Here’s the cycle Sara and I discovered after our colossal fight:


“If you’re only living for BIG moments, you’re going to be super unhappy.” ~ Sara Davis

“Vulnerability is empowering.” ~ Susie Davis

“Messages that are negative are never from God.” ~ Susie Davis


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PS> check out Sara and David’s engagement photos and a prayer for the bride-to-be.

PPS>> Sara’s headshot via Emily Boone Photography :)