School Shooting Survivor Story | Crystal Woodman Miller

I love stories. I love knowing people’s stories. I love to ask questions and I love that when you dig deeper it leads to the awe of God. Welcome back to The Story Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast!

This week I’m inviting a new friend on the podcast, Crystal Woodman Miller. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three kids. We have something in common that connects us … but it is something that we would have never chosen for ourselves. Crystal was 16 when she hid in the library during the shooting at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. Her life was marked by tragedy … but she realized that she was also marked by hope.

Crystal found her purpose in writing and speaking and advocating for trauma survivors and she’s sharing her purpose with us today. We get to hear pieces of her story and the wisdom she has because of the tragedy and healing she has experienced, including:

  • Pray scripture over your people.
  • Keep your mind focused on God.
  • Remind yourself of God’s truth.
  • Find practical tools to help you feel safe and heal.

Pray with me for hope and healing for those whose stories are marked by tragedy. I hope that you know your story is important and that you share your story with others. And I pray that you see God as you connect all the dots.



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