Welcome and thank you so much for your interest in hearing me speak at your event. Please fill out the form and someone on my team will get back to you. As well, here are a few message clips on various topics.

One of my main passions is encouraging and mentoring younger women. As well, I seek to equip older women to step bravely into their role as spiritual leaders.

Here is the full message on Spiritual Motherhood.

I also love teaching on topics that revolve around biblical hospitality. And I have several messages on living a courageous life based on my book, Unafraid.

In addition, my husband Will, is a pastor and an author. We routinely team teach at our church. If you would like information about our schedule and fees ~ please contact us. We’d love to speak at your event! We teach on a variety of topics and truly enjoy the opportunity to work together.

Here is a short clip from one of our messages on marriage: