Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram | Clare Loughrige

If you know your Enneagram number and sometimes wonder, “What’s next?” then you’re going to love meeting Clare Loughrige

Not only is Clare is the co-founding Lead Pastor of Crossroads Church and Ministries in Marshall, Michigan which she started with her husband, Scott, more than 25 years ago but she provides preaching, teaching, and spiritual direction for the leadership team. In addition, she is a formally trained spiritual director for leaders with The Transforming Center in Wheaton, Illinois.

And (wait for it) she has written two books about the Enneagram, her most recent being Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram: A Handbook for Harmony and Transformation. This book is filled with exercises to engage, challenge, encourage, and sustain you to grow in greater awareness and lead you to spiritual and relational transformation via your Enneagram identity. 

Whether you know much about your Enneagram number or not, you’ll love Clare’s rich content about relational and spiritual transformation in this interview.

I’m so glad for you to meet her!

Here she is:


Dear 30-year-old Clare,

You are enough. Rest. Replenish. Retreat. Let solitude and silence quiet your inner performance-oriented driven self. Practice creating for an audience of One. Allow your young children to re-orient you to your essential-self. Let God love you without proving you are worthy of love. Let your acts of justice emerge from silence and listening. Allow the slow wheels of justice to grind slowly. The arc of the moral universe is long, and it is a long way to heaven. Take slow, presence minded, purposeful steps. You desire to do God’s will and that pleases God. Allow the slow work of God to work in you as well as the world you want to serve. You are loved for yourself. Be open. Be present. Be love <3

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