Starting Your Home Business (Lauren Gaige | Restored 316)

Do you dream of owning your business? Working your own hours? Living your Big God Dream? Then you’re going to love meeting Lauren Gaige in this episode 12 of  The Dear Daughters Podcast.


Lauren is a graphic designer who built her own business with just ten dollars in the bank. The heart behind Lauren and her brand is to help women start a successful business and/or blog by providing a luxury website design, amazing support, and an affordable online presence without the headache! She is great at helping people overcome the technical issues of running an online business.

Not only that but Lauren is a dear daughter I’ve mentored the last ten years. And in this podcast, we talk about our cross generational friendship and the amazing (and FUN!) things God has done in our lives together.

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Waiting on God takes patience and patience take enormous energy. ~ Susie Davis

Want to make your goals? Reverse engineer your goals. ~ Lauren Gaige

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PS … being on this podcast was Lauren’s big step to live unafraid. You can read more of her story here. And check out my story in my book, Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World.