Susie Davis is an author, teacher, podcaster and church founder.

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Susie has been married to Will Davis Jr., the founding and senior pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, for thirty-one years.

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Will is also an author. You can find his books at

They have three children:

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Will III (29) – a Baylor graduate now in ministry with his wife, Amy, and living in Denver.

emily and kenton boone

Emily (26) – also a Baylor grad now in ministry with her husband, Kenton Boone, at Camp Allen.


Sara (23) – a graduate of The University of Texas and getting married to David soon! They will be working for Young Like in Katy, Texas.

Aside from family and ministry, Susie is helplessly addicted to horseback riding and McDonald’s coffee. In addition, one of her all time favorites is cooking and enjoying family dinners. She maintains a website at where she writes regularly. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook at Susie Davis.

Her book bio includes:

Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World
Loving Your Man without Losing Your Mind
Parenting Your Teen and Loving It: Being the Mom Your Kid Needs
Uncovered: Revealing the Secrets of a Sexy Marriage
The Time of Your Life: Finding God’s Rest in Your Busy Schedule


Susie Davis is an author, blogger, speaker and former radio personality. She has a passion for helping people find joy in their everyday life. Susie is helplessly addicted to horseback riding and McDonald’s coffee. She also loves cooking and enjoying time with family. When she’s not at the barn or in the kitchen, you’re likely to find her writing about finding joy in the ordinary things like scented candles, her extraordinarily patient husband, or even her latest thrift store find. Susie and her husband Will Davis Jr., have three nearly grown children that keep them laughing … and humble. Together, Will and Susie founded Austin Christian Fellowship, where they spend their weekends with some of the most fabulous people in town.

And a little Q&A …

Gratitude seems to be a big deal to you – why? How important is it in your life?
For me, gratitude is all about an understanding of grace. The fact that my life spills over with treasures I didn’t achieve and don’t necessarily deserve – including my husband, my children and my faith – keeps me in an attitude of constant awe to the one that provides them. Gratitude sustains my joy.

What gave you this “a-ha” moment…why “give thanks”?
Giving thanks has always been a piece of my life. But it wasn’t until I experienced a tragedy that I understood full force the power of gratitude. And it was then that I learned the value of giving thanks in all things – every day.

What are a few things you love about Austin?
Here are my top five today … in no particular order:
Going over the Pennybacker Bridge at any time of the day but especially in the morning when the lake is smooth.
Discovering a new, local restaurant with a friend.
Driving 2222 at dusk on a Sunday afternoon – windows down and music up .
Walking the streets of the neighborhood where I grew up and seeing people I’ve known since I was a kid.
Live oaks, bluebonnets and bats.