The First Step Back to Joy

Hey there, dear one.

I see you wrestling under the sadness, afraid that it’ll crush you. I know that the world can be scary and hard, and that our list of losses only grows longer as we get older.

But there is good news.

I believe that if you name what you’ve lost, if you sit with your grief and let it show you what has been taken from you instead of wrestling against it, that is the first step on the path back to joy.

Today I’m talking about grief and loss, and about how those things can be teachers. How they can make us soft and wise, rather than hardened and angry. I hope that you’ll tune in, and take the time to respond to the prompts. Then I hope you’ll share it with someone you love who needs to hear it.


Here’s my prayer for you.

That you will be a woman who daily surrenders to God’s plans. Even when those plans bump into tragedy or hardship. That you will grieve, list losses and take steps back to joy.  That you will be soft and kind and open to God and this great, big world full of hurting people. Not hard and angry and loud. But tender and beautiful. I pray that you’ll know that you are loved more deeply than you could know, and you are not forgotten. God hears your prayers. He sees what you’re going through. And He is with you. Always.