The Truest Thing About You | Esther Fleece Allen

Your God-given identity is the truest thing about you. No matter your past, God has a new name for you. It’s deeply personal and it’s beautiful, better than any name you could choose for yourself. What is it? 

Esther Fleece Allen hid a deep, dark, painful past and lived out so much trauma. God was the only constant in her life…so she hung on to Him and lives out her new name.

Esther is an author, speaker, millennial leader, and Founder & CEO of L&L Consulting, Inc., where she helps Christian ministries develop innovative strategies for sustainability, development, outreach, and marketing. She also is a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics Business Program, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Oakland University, and is currently in Seminary studying Women’s Leadership.

In her own words, she says these four things about herself:

  1. “I’m probably more serious than I should be. I really do study the Bible in my free time. I really do love it.”
  2. “I have laugh attacks. I just can’t stop.”
  3. “I love shopping. I feel the Lord when I shop.”
  4.  “I love mountain climbing. I love hiking. I’ve climbed several 14ers.”

Today, Esther and I talk about her story and how God meets in us in lament, and the freedom we can have living out the name God gives us. I think you’ll be smiling through tears just like me, as you hear stories from her beautiful life. I’m so grateful for my conversation with Esther, and I know you’ll find encouragement and freedom from her message.


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