Two Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Mentoring

This is the 100th episode of the Dear Daughters Podcast recorded live just last week in Springdale, Arkansas. First I have to say that I’m blown away and entirely grateful to God for his ever present help on this journey. From the very start of this show, my end goal was to encourage you with helpful, practical advice on how to live a godly life. And I have to say, every guest on this show has brought so much wisdom to that conversation.

It only seems fitting that the 100th episode takes place in my dear friend, Amy Hannon’s, kitchen at Euna Mae’s because that’s where my passion for mentoring started – in my kitchen. I loved making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my children and their friends. I loved asking them questions and hearing about their lives and their thoughts about God. Mentoring for me was organic. It started in my home with my own children – and then it extended to their friends. Isn’t it beautiful the way God develops ministry out of home and overflow?

When I gathered with the women at Euna Mae’s, I told them two very important things about mentoring. This is what I said.

No matter your age, these two things are true:

  1. You are a dear daughter.
  2. You need a spiritual mother.

Every one is a dearly loved daughter of God. And every daughter deserves a spiritual mama. (And the world needs more spiritual mamas.) I hope this episode will inspire you, no matter where you are in your journey with God, to seek out a mentor and to be a mentor.

Thank you for listening in, for encouraging me with your kind ratings and reviews. And now here we go! The 100th episode of the Dear Daughters Podcast!


Dear Daughters: Love Letters to the Next Generation
Dear Daughters is a template for those multi-generational conversations and relationships you’re craving.Dear Daughters is meant to be a bridge between two groups of women–dear daughters and spiritual mamas. Dear daughters are young women in search of spiritual guidance and spiritual mamas are women just a little further down the road with age-old wisdom to share. Each group has valuable insight for the other and the hope is that the reader will invite someone to come alongside them, pore over the included letters together, and pass along wisdom and advice that will make both lives more beautiful, wherever they are in their God story.This book, ideal for a gift, is a casebound hardcover with ribbon.

Finally … grateful, grateful for Davis sharing her music for the DD Podcast. :)