Welcome to the Unafraid Book Club To-Go!

This is a Bible study to guide you through uncovering where you are with God in your journey to overcome fear.

The Unafraid Book Club To-Go is designed as a 4 week study but I encourage you to take the study at your own pace. And feel free to use the study as a book club, Bible study or a personal devotional. You will find 8 teaching components inside the 4 accompanying videos (2 sessions per video) as well as a downloadable PDF with all the scripture and study questions. The study is a stand alone product but I wrote it to accompany my book, Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World.

Unafraid Book Club To-Go by Susie Davis

(For optimum experience, click on PDF link above & print all pages before watching the videos.)

So what are you waiting for friend? Let’s go! And as we do, know that I’m praying for you. Asking Jesus to set fear-ers free!

Session One // Trail Marker #1 and #2

Session Two// Trail Marker #3 and #4

Session Three // Trail Marker # 5 and #6

Session Four// Trail Marker # 7 and #8