unafraid interview

Here’s how sweet God is …

Jamie Ivey invites me to be on her Happy Hour Podcast and we talk about lots of things including my book, Unafraid. Then Sandy Westervelt hears the podcast, invites me to speak at her church (Kingsland Baptist) and decides on an interview format (which is my new favorite!).

“Unafraid” Woman’s Event 7/28/16 from Kingsland Baptist Church on Vimeo.

And the sweetest part of all? Sandy asks Lana (the pastor’s wife) to interview me. Lana is a long-time friend of mine and she didn’t even know I was scheduled until Sandy asked her. :)

God is good. 

Thought I’d post this for you so you can listen while you’re fixing dinner or cleaning out your closet or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. And know I’m praying that God sets you f-r-e-e!!