Welcome to 52 Sunday Suppers …

I love sitting down to family dinners. There’s nothing that says love like a home-cooked meal. And I love having people over. It’s a fabulous way to encourage faith. But as much as I love gathering at the table, it doesn’t happen with regularity. Something or other gets in the way ~ and suddenly it’s been a month of Sundays since I made a sit down meal for family and friends.

My friend, Kristin (she’s the cute thang in the aqua top), and I were bemoaning this last September while rooming together at the ReWrite conference in San Diego.  She confessed she too, struggled to stay motivated. We realized we probably weren’t the only ones that know the importance of gathering at the table ~ but fail to do it. So after a little brainstorming and prayer, we decided to let the idea simmer and see what we got.

Over the past 3 months ~ we met, prayed, and researched. And we realized something:

We are Sunday Supper girls.

But only in theory, not in practice. But we want to change and bring back the sit down & slow down to our busy lives via a revival of the Sunday Supper. We decided we are going to get intentional about planning a meal once a week and inviting people over.

That’s right. 52 simple meals for Sabbath gatherings. 52 chances to invite people over. 52 opportunities to enjoy good food and have meaningful conversations. 

Join us? We’d love to encourage some sit down & slow down suppers in your family’s life. Meet back here every Sunday and we’ll dish. About recipes, conversation starters, fails and successes.

happy sunday!

PS.I already feel nervous having put this out there. Do you have ‘Sunday Supper’ success tips you could share with me??!!

PPS. Be sure to check out Kristin’s blog ~ when you sign up for her newsletter, you get a free cookbook!