What to Do When You Feel Broken | Toni Collier

Embrace your pain to discover hope and healing. – Toni Collier

Toni had to grow up too fast. She went through a verbally abusive relationship with her father and then her first husband. She was saved and then hit rock bottom … and then she went searching for God again. She reconciled with her family. She married the love of her life, Sam, and became a mother of two. Toni is also an author and a speaker, a podcast host and a ministry founder … and she’s a hope coach.

Welcome to the Story Series on the Dear Daughters Podcast! I’m so glad you’re here. This series. all about stories. Because I love stories. I love to ask questions, I love knowing people’s stories, and I love that when you dig deeper it leads to the awe of God.

This week I was OVERJOYED to invite Toni Collier all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, to my home in Austin, Texas for some Coffee & Conversation. We had a lovely live audience. There were a lot of tears, but a lot of laughter, too.

Join us as we listen to Toni tell us her story and talk about her road to hope and healing and redemption. Her story and her ability and willingness to open up to us is sacred. We talk about our shared brokenness … that there is no shame in brokenness … and how in it we can experience the unconditional love of God. She reminds us that healing isn’t linear and that it gets painful before it gets better. She talks about practical steps we can take toward healing. Most of all, Toni wants us to know is that we have the freedom to be broken and that there is always hope.

Oh, gracious. I just love Toni, don’t you? Join me in praying protection and wholeness over her as she continues her ministry and her own healing journey. I pray that over you, too. I hope that you can, as Toni would say, “be brave enough to be broken.” I hope that you seek God wholeheartedly, whether you feel whole or broken, and that you feel His unconditional love, grace, and healing. And I pray that you have hope.