What was your first impression of God?

Do you remember the first time you thought of God? Was it a good or bad first impression? How did that impression lead you on a journey with God? 

If you’ve wished you could sit at my table and talk, I’ve got good news! These are the kinds of questions I’m going to be asking you on the Dear Daughters Podcast in the ‘Questions’ Episodes.

I’ve always hoped the Dear Daughters Podcast could be a place for you to hear about the kinds of things that are practical and helpful in living a godly life.

And that it would be a starting point for conversations I hope you have with the people in your life you love or lead.

Now it’s also a place for *you* to a-n-s-w-e-r questions to grow closer to God and others by understanding yourself better.

I’m adding something new to the mix by inviting you to a one on one conversation with me. It will be a much shorter episode, just 10 minutes, where we dive deep together.

Hope you like it!



God’s fingerprints are everywhere in our lives. Be on the lookout! :)