When God Gives You A Dream | Whitney Runyon

Have you given all your dreams and desires to God? He wants to do more than you can imagine. 

In December of 2010, Whitney Runyon felt a stirring in her spirit that began an amazing journey for her and her husband … and for so many orphans and adoptive families.

Whitney Runyon was a wedding photographer. And her husband, Nick, was an airline pilot. But after seeing the impact of photos she took of an adoption in 2011, they formed a orphan care advocacy 501c-3 and named it after the little Bulgarian boy who’s adoption started it all, Archibald. In 2014 they quit their jobs to run The Archibald Project full time. The Archibald Project produces stories that are helping to bring an end to the orphan crisis by inspiring new people to get involved in orphan care. 

Whitney says these four things about herself:

  1. “I am obsessed with history…like kings and queens.”
  2. “Nick and I only watch TV together. We don’t really ever separate.”
  3.  “I love the color black. Way before it got popular these days. I used to want to be Wednesday Adams.”
  4.  “I grew up in theater my whole life.”

Whitney joined me with a few friends in my living room at Dear Daughters Coffee & Conversation where she shared her story, the impact of orphan care through TAP and wisdom about truly submitting your dreams and desires to the Lord and letting Him lead … and what can happen when you do. I hope her story nudges you to give your dreams to God. 




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