When Your Dreams Come True | Jolie Helms

Welcome to the Dear Daughters Podcast! We are in the middle of The Story Series here and if you’ve been around the podcast for awhile, you know how much I love to ask questions and listen to other people’s stories. Because you know what? Your story is one of the most unique and beautiful things about you.

This week I’ve invited Jolie Helms onto the podcast! Jolie is a wife and mother, married for 23 years with two children, ages 20 and 22. They live in College Station, TX. Jolie is also a creative and an entrepreneur … and a storyteller.

I met Jolie at Round Top a few years ago and fell in LOVE with her beautiful, whimsical, blanket coats and the stories behind them. Before moving back to College Station, her family lived in Malaysia for three and a half years. That’s where she grew in her marriage and in her relationship with her kids. It’s also where she learned about kantha quilts, her inspiration for her business, Sapana. Sapana means “dream” in Hindi … and that’s what Jolie did.

Listen in as I talk with Jolie about her story … her love of travel and experience in Malaysia, her dream of starting Sapana and how it became a reality, her heart for other women and how she’s impacting their stories, and how she’s sharing the rich stories of every handmade item sold in her shop.

Are you encouraged and inspired by Jolie? I hope that you are. I pray that you are able to realize your dreams and find ways to make them a reality, whether in big ways or small. I hope that you pray big and ask for God’s favor … and that you can see it all over your story.