whimsy for your weekend

This weekend’s whimsy is a WEDDING RECAP! Yes, f-i-n-a-l-l-y getting around to sharing some of my favorite pictures from Sara’s wedding in November by the talented and delightful, Molly Winters.

Love these invites by cousin, Kate. She designed these especially for Sara and David with cypress trees reminiscent of the ones Sara loves on the Frio River.

Gathering to pray.

I must have prayed something kinda funny because Sara’s face. I was intoxicated with giddy joy the entire day. :)

Hugs from dad. The absolute sweetest.

This is a favorite.  My girls running off together. And of course, Sara = barefoot.

And these two manly men. My son-in-law, Kenton, and my son, Will. They truly held things together for me on the wildly rainy morning of the wedding.  Did I mention it absolutely poured the entire morning. And days before?

Now it’s time … outdoor wedding in Elgin, Texas. Not a drop of rain that evening and no muddy lawn. Thanks, God.

Dad and his little girl.

Walking down the aisle on the lawn. Isn’t she lovely?

Toes peeking out. Little barefoot bride.

Oh, this.

Made me cry to see my husband and her future husband standing there already being family.

And then after he gave her away, Will stepped around and officiated. I don’t know how he does it, I’d cry through the entire thing.

This was the thing that got me. For weeks and weeks before the wedding, I asked God to get all the credit. So when it kept raining and raining the week of the wedding … and then poured the morning of the wedding … I decided that maybe God’s best plan was a rainy wedding for my Sara.

And yet.

At noon, the rain subsided and left us with gloomy, moody clouds. I was great with it. Because no rain and all.

But … by 5 pm it was all golden light and clear gorgeous skies.

Isn’t God charming?

I think this is the best way to start a new marriage … in prayer. Better than a gorgeous site or spectacular ceremony.

I couldn’t be happier. David values prayer and models prayer. And that submission to God will guide their marriage for years to come.

A kiss to seal the marriage. That’s nice too.


They literally got clobbered with joy by big sister, Emily.

And our precious daughter-in-love, Amy, jumped in on the fun.

We were pretty happy too.

The kindest friends and family joined the celebration.

The happy couple…

And oh gracious, flowers by Allie Moore. She’s fabulous to work with.

We opted for notes of encouragement instead of a sign-in book during the pool side cocktail hour. Sara and David received all kinds of hand-written lovelies.

We had supper on the front lawn under hundreds of happy lights.

And feasted on fried chicken, tenderloin, mashed potatoes and all kinds of southern comfort food by Royer’s Round Top Cafe.

Then, of course, a pie bar in lieu of cake. True delight.

Great friend/light engineer/pastor and BEST DJ ever (Mr. Matt Werner), turned on music and we danced. And danced and danced.

The Davises really love to dance.

Apparently the Regans like to dance too.

Sometimes I get intense on the dance floor.

But only once in a while.

Got that love of dance from my mama.

Meanwhile, David’s friends like to throw him in the air which I think is a pretty fun way to celebrate.

David always tells us he’s weird. I don’t know about that.

But what I do know is that my girl married a most wonderful boy.

Here’s to Mr. and Mrs. David Regan!

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with us!


photos: molly winters * flowers: allie moore * caterer: round top cafe * venue: heritage hill (elgin, tx)