whimsy for your weekend

Need to reorganize those photos on your fridge? Got just the thing to place smack in the middle of them.

Yep, this.


It all started with my parent’s 60th anniversary party …

  1. We listened non-stop to Oscar Peterson. One of my dad’s favorites.
  2. For dessert, I made Mary Ann’s Chocolate Sheet Cake (with cinnamon). Everybody’s favorite.
  3. We also affirmed them. Might sound a little weird or scary if you’ve never tried affirming people you love but oh, you must. All the feels, all the tears and I think it makes God so happy.
  4. Meanwhile, my dad recited/cried through a poem his dad wrote decades ago called Real Wealth. You can download Real Wealth here.
  5. What else? Well, I’m started reading Jennie Allen’s new book, Nothing to Prove. Hoping to give her a big hug at IF:Gathering this weekend and thank her for beautiful words.
  6. Also, reading Sue Monk Kidd’s FirstlightIt’s full of early essays she wrote. There is one that talks about ‘mindful availability.’ I’ve been thinking a lot about that, working on making my heart a less crowded place for the sake of others.
  7. Just got through ordering some KIND Coffee for a few folks Will and I love. Long’s Peak Blend. You can get great coffee anywhere but not straight out of Estes Park with Long’s Peak on the label.
  8. This Marfa Brand soap is a new favorite. I picked it up at By George, Smells clean, earthy. I’m gifting it for a little birthday remembrance. Also, kinda crazy for this Topo Chico glassware coming soon.
  9. Now here’s a writer’s prompt for the writer in you:

Who is one person you need to affirm? Write them a note today.


It’s your life, sweet people, relax and smile because it’s finally the weekend!


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)