whimsy for your weekend

Apparently you like whimsy for your weekend as much as I like sharing it. So as long as I’m feeling some whimsy, I’ll be sharing it here with you.


  1. Remember last week when I told you my girls and I were wandering the fields of Warrenton buying all matter of unnecessary delight + staying at Rachel’s place? Well, I ended up signing up for her newsletter to see all things shabby chic … and GUESS WHAT Y’ALL??!!?!?  She has a whole tabletop section called ‘Whimsical Whites.’
  2. Best burger joint in Austin? It’s a complete toss-up for me, totally depending on the day. There are SO many good ones. But this week’s date night found us at Hopdoddy. All kinds of burgers (gluten-free buns if you need ’em) + mmmm fries + salad + full bar.
  3. Looking to test drive holiday pies? Then this: The Pie Queen’s Cold Brew Coffee Pie … oh, gracious.
  4. That happy feeling when you find out someone you went to high school and college with is making all kinds of crazy awesome art: Ellen Schuster Art
  5. Have you heard about Lone Star Restoration? Think funny, smart Baylor grad + historical restoration + small town Texas … add it to your list of shows to DVR.
  6. Speaking of small town Texas … if you need a spectacular historic home with expansive grounds for your next event, check out Heritage Hill. That’s where our Sara is getting married!
  7. I started Edie’s new memoir, All the Pretty Things, and it makes me want to be best friends with her. Would it be terribly awkward if I asked her?
  8. And now once again, a writer’s prompt completely inspired by something Tara (the Pie Queen via Royer’s Round Top Cafe) said to me while we were talking through our catering plans for the wedding. (Yes. Royer’s will cater your party. Just about a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. Praise Jesus.)

What would your eighty year old self say to your current self?


(I bet she would sit you down on this lovely sofa and say lots of really nice things about you. ;)

It’s your life, sweet people, relax and smile because it’s finally the weekend!


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)