Whimsy for Your Weekend

We’re at the Frio River this weekend with my whole big extended family. We’ve been doing this for so many years it’s hard to keep track but I do remember that Sara was a teeny tiny human in a little yellow bathing suit with blue daisies and now she’s twenty-five years old and married to Davey. So … it’s been a lot of years and I’m feeling super nostalgic.

I’m actually a huge homebody. My girls tease me incessantly about how many things I bring along to make travel cozy and comfortable. But maybe you’re like me and you like cozy travel, too, so I’ve got a little list to make your last minute get aways this summer even more whimsical.

cozy travel tips
  • Scout out quaint, small town bakeries. I love to stop by Fredericksburg Pie Company since we drive right through on our way to the Frio. Be sure to check their hours in advance. Most bakeries are closed by 2 pm and many close up shop when they sell-out which happens a lot. Small town bakeries are always worth a stop.
  • Have a variety of books packed. I like to think I’ll catch up on reading when I’m on vacation. It doesn’t always happen but I still like to bring a book along.  I’m bringing two this year. The Little Paris Bookshop and The Cozy Minimalist Home. Speaking of the that …
  • Become a forager. I have been known to actually bring along my favorite Vendula white roses on car trips. I know. It’s kinda crazy but it’s FUN.  If that sounds too way over the top, Myquillyn over at the Nesting Place is the floral forager extraordinaire (see what I mean here, and here). Put some snipped branches in a wide mouthed vase. Have your kids gather a few seashells to set out on the table. Hunt for heart-shaped rocks or wildflowers.
  • Sure it’s summer and it’s crazy hot, but what is a good night’s sleep without a cozy blanket? I have about two of these and I keep one strictly for travel. It’s lovely to snuggle up under while watching a movie, or would probably lend nicely to fort-making for any kids traveling with you.
  • Candles and such. A long time ago, I read about marking a trip memory with a fragrance and so I started either buying a trip scent (whether candle, perfume, oil, etc.) or bring one along with me that I only use on that certain trip. When I’m at the cabin in Estes, I burn Rewined Pinot Noir Candle. This year at the Frio, I’m taking  lavender incense for the patio, Lafco candle  for the cabin and various Young Living oils.  It’s the closest I can get to bottling up our memories.
  • Pack your own hand soaps. I know, this sounds crazy high maintenance but some places only provide bar soap so I like to bring along something a little nicer. This year, I ordered Bath & Body’s White Tea & Sage. It adds a little luxury without being too expensive.
  • Plan for traditions. My sister, my girls and I bathe in the Frio River every year, so we bring CampSuds because it’s river friendly. Maybe you have a big family game night and bring the board games, or have a build your own pizza night. If something whimsical happened on your trip last year, ask your family or friends if they’d like to do it again this year? Breakfast for dinner? Okay!

  • Eat Local. For years, my dad, mom and I would always head to Utopia, Texas to eat lunch at the Lost Maples Cafe. It’s makes my heart full that such places still exist. What you’ll get is the best comfort food around from small town people with big friendly hearts. And they serve pie. Oh yes, they do.
  • Explore. My favorite thing ever is to explore the town you’re in because when you do, you meet the nicest people and then it feels just like home.

Happy weekend. I hope it is full of rest and peace and good food and lotsa whimsy. 


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)