whimsy for your weekend

The Davises are having a wedding this weekend. It’s entirely outside. And I found out this morning that there’s a touch of rain in the forecast. Actually, it’s pouring rain right now. And we don’t have a Plan B.  So we are praying. Makes it kinda exciting, right? I mean a girl can still get married in the rain.


I actually don’t think this girl cares if it rains or not. :)
Speaking of weddings and rain … how about some pre-wedding whimsy?
  1. If I have to wear rain boots to the wedding, I’d like these Hunter boots. My dress is pale pink so I think gray is the way to go.
  2. Essie Ballet Slippers is perfect with that pink dress. Thanks Cat Jones, for the tip. ;) essie-ballet-slippers
  3. Right this very minute, my girls are with my niece, Natalie, at Kendra Scott picking out earrings to go with that pink dress. They’re texting me pictures. It’s fun when dear daughters offer to shop for you on a rainy day. Think this is where we all landed: Adella Rose Gold Studs. kendra-scott-adella-earrings-rose-gold-wtcz-lustre-color-mix-a-01-1
  4. I was at Dillards this week picking up make-up for my mom and ran across the fragrance I wore to my senior prom: Private Collection. Gracious. One whiff and I was seventeen again. There is this thing about how your brain forges a link between the smell and a memory. It’s powerful.
  5. Also, I learned something new at the cosmetics counter. After spraying your perfume on your wrist, you are not supposed to rub your wrists together. Apparently it crushes the top notes. Yep, perfume mistakes. All these years, I had no idea.
  6. While I love a lot of different fragrances, Sara is a one fragrance kinda girl. And sadly, the scent she wears is no longer at Anthropologie. It’s Oiseau The Charmer and we can’t find it anywhere. Let me us know if you find some. The bride would love you for it. img_0945
  7. With our big list of to-do’s this week, I was reminded: I am a paper person. There are notes full of scribbles all over my dining room table. Favorite white Post-it’s are here. And Bic Sharp Writers are currently my favorite pencils. I also have a strong addiction to Paper Mate Flairs.
  8. To calm myself, I am reading Shauna’s Present Over Perfect. And if you missed it, she was on the Dear Daughters podcast this week.
  9. I am reminding myself of this good news too … img_0893
  10. And now a writer’s prompt for the writer in you:

Write a little list of all the details that God is taking care of that you might have otherwise missed.

Hope you experience whimsy this weekend. I’ll be back next week with post-wedding whimsy + lots and lots of photos.


Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)