whimsy for your weekend

Our little barefoot bride, Sara, is married. And I am grateful head to toe.


It was a terrifically dramatic weekend for an outdoor wedding. Heavy rain fell all Saturday morning. And then *grace* around noon, the rain subsided. By four o’clock when Sara gathered outside for photos with her bridesmaids, God water-colored the sky the same soft gray as the girls’ gowns.


And all I could think to say is, “Thanks, God. For all the little things You do for us. The things we have no control over and things we don’t need that You freely give … like clear skies on important days.”

I admit I feel a little lost sending off my last one. Blissfully happy but as one of my barn friends said, “The transition is great after that final wedding. Like somehow you got dropped off and then everyone drove away.” Yes, I guess. And that’s why whimsy is so important this weekend. Maybe you need whimsy too. Because election. And then post-election. You know. We’re all weary for the transitions I think.

  1. Not sure where you get your coffee … I’ve always been a fan of McDonald’s coffee. This article that made me love McDonald’s even more.
  2. Maybe I’ve been holding out on you. Because I never told you about Gina’s Unbleached Birdseye Cotton Napkins (though I use them as dishtowels) with natural edging. They are FANTASTIC. Super soft and they dry much faster than regular bar mop dish towels so they don’t mildew, etc. There is a picture of what they look like here under the coffee cup.
  3. I’m watching Julie and Julia. And It’s Complicated. I’m too emotional right now to read. When I do, I’ll dive into my current book club read, Notes from a Small Island.
  4. It’s nearly pie season and I’m ready thanks to my recent estate sale finds. Aren’t they darling? And all for under five bucks.pie-estate-sale-finds-susie-davis
  5. Speaking of pie, I’m thinking of trying a new one from The Pie and Pastry Bible which was an estate sale find last summer. Oh joy!
  6. Just discovered the The Created Company. I’m partial to their ‘gather’ mug.
  7. I love Austin Kleon’s continual creativity + enjoy his Friday newsletter. Maybe this calendar for 2017 inspiration?
  8. As I struggle to find my footing, I was especially inspired by Emily’s latest photo shoot with the Wier family. What you might not know is darling little Maddie doesn’t take ballet … she just likes wearing a ballerina clothes. I like that. A lot. That’s whimsical. weir_family_mayfield_park_austin-10-emily-boone
  9. And because I love all the writers in the world (I do, I do and we’ll have another writers workshop soon!!) … how about a prompt? Are you ready? Here it is:

    What something whimsical you’d love to do? 

    It’s your life, it’s my life. We’ll find our footing. Let’s rest on the other side of our latest transitions and give ourselves a little time. For now, relax and smile because it’s the weekend!


    Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)