whimsy for your weekend

The weather is changing. It’s cool and crisp in Austin. I should feel whimsy over the weather alone. But lately, I feel like God has been so quiet with me. I wake and write and wonder if He remembers me down here in Texas. One teeny tiny human in a ginormous mass of people.

I don’t have any life catastrophes I’m walking through so there is no need for extra attention. But I do wish for a tiny reprieve from the quiet I feel. I want to know what’s next. I want to punch through the ambiguity. Maybe you feel that way too?

When I ache for God to whisper, I do things to remind myself that God is still active and listening. Here is my short list to pull in close to God.

  1. Engage in a loved a hobby. Do something other than check Instagram or watch TV. I ride horses. God uses horses and the barn life to heal me physically, emotionally, spiritually. It really works. When I am riding, I feel a lot better about my life.

    emily boone photography | navasota, texas
  2. Play outside. Walk, garden, explore. When I am curious and outdoors, I feel more spiritually attuned. On Thursday, Will and I went took short trip to small town Texas where I had a speaking engagement at Geneva School of Boerne ~ and it totally refreshed my soul.boerne-tx-susie-davis
  3. Meet with a friend and do something fun. I am making plans on doing another FB live cooking class and I invited Kristin Schell and Kristi Vaught to join me. They are both neighbors, friends and cooking buddies. I know they will encourage me when we get together. I’ll hear about God in their lives and that will help me remember God in mine.
  4. Listen to teachers that ignite your love of God. When I’m off-track or weirded out spiritually, I go to Mama Joyce for truth. Her book, Battlefield of the Mind, is a sure-fire kick in the pants. Sometimes it’s just what I need.
  5. Revisit challenging non-fiction. This week Hayley reminded me that I’m always talking about by The Art of Divine Contentment by Thomas Watson. When I read it, he pokes at the ingratitude in my heart and I fold into God again. Think back to that one book that always speaks to you and read it again.
  6. Savory and sit with good fiction. My sister and her girls always keep a copy of Heidi or Narnia tucked close by that they read them over and over again. It refreshes me spiritually to read simple and beautiful stories. I’m thinking about picking up the Mitford series again.
  7. You might not think of yourself as a writer but how about a prompt to help you uncover what it is that brings you back to your spiritual senses? Are you ready? Here it is:

    What are three things you do that help remind you God is still active and listening? 

    It’s your life, it’s my life. We’ll find our footing. Let’s give ourselves a little time. For now, relax and smile because it’s the weekend.


    Susie (aka “the queen freak of whimsy, professional spreader of joy, and mom to anyone and everyone.“)