3 Ways to Make Time For You

Why can’t I find or make time for myself?

That’s a question I get from women quite a lot. So let’s talk about it and see if you can wonder a bit on the why beneath it.

It’s the last week of this mini-mester on the Dear Daughters Podcast. I’m so grateful you’re here, friend. Let’s keep tackling your deepest questions and biggest tangles.

Three ways to make time for you starts with soul goals. You need prioritize the inside health of who you are (those soul-ish parts of you) … your heart, mind, will, and personality. Time to play, to be quiet and to experience joy. Can you think of a time that we need more soul care than right now?

It’s all about the little things that bring rest and delight into your life and create a cozy place for people to be invited into.

Soul Goal #1: Schedule you into your calendar.

Excuse: I’m too busy. You make time in your daily schedule to brush your teeth, to eat, to work and take care of your family … you prioritize all the things but your soul. You don’t think you’re worth it so you put you at the bottom of your list. But you are worth it. Bump yourself up to the top of your list.

Soul Goal #2: Create something irresistible in your schedule that helps you rest.

Excuse: I don’t know what to do to get rest. What did you like to do as a child? What’s a hobby you wish you had more time to do? Slow down and get to know you. Find what is restful and enjoyable for you.

Soul Goal #3: Be more like Jesus.

Excuse: It’s selfish to take time for myself. Here’s the thing. Jesus took time away. Jesus knew what his assignment was and he wanted to walk it out wholeheartedly. God isn’t asking us to hold everything and everyone together. That’s his job. He wants us to live out our assignments wholeheartedly and that requires us to take care of the body and soul and mind and heart he gave us.

I hope that you realize it’s not selfish to take care of yourself. I hope that you discover the things that give you rest and make time in your schedule for them. And I pray that you become more like Jesus, walking out your assignments wholeheartedly.



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