Are You Doing Life Alone?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing life alone? Do you wish you could have someone who was right there with you, day in and day out, to encourage you?

Today I’m talking about the importance of strengthening your inner self to know more and more about God’s love so that you can feel his love and power in your life every single day. So you can feel the companionship of the Holy Spirit as a leader, teacher and comforter.

I also talk about how this spiritual life we’re after is not something that’s done all on your own. There’s a time for self-leadership, of course. But there’s also a time to let yourself be led and a time to lead others – and all of those roles may bump elbows in the same season of life, or even all in one day!  Listen in and link arms with a spiritual mama or a dear daughter and learn more about loving God and loving the people around you – together.


I’d like encourage you to reach out to those women in your day to day life who are just a few steps further down life’s road. I pray that this episode has brought someone to mind, and that you can just go have coffee in her kitchen and talk about God and life. But if no one did come to mind, I hope that you’ll  join me in the Dear Daughters Mentorship Program this fall. I’ve had many women ask me if I’ll mentor them, and turning them away breaks my heart – so this program is the result of a lot of prayer and Big God Dreaming, with hopes that it will help you, whatever your season of life.