Boundaries for Your Soul | Alison Cook | DD 66

Do you feel like you’re in control of your emotions? Or do you feel like your emotions control you? When you’re caught up in a feeling – whether it’s anxiety or anger or envy – do you feel overwhelmed? I have definitely felt those things before, so I’m particularly grateful to talk with Alison Cook on the show today about boundaries for the soul and Spirit-led self leadership.

Alison is a speaker, counselor, and writer who is passionate about helping people fully live out their God-given potential. She received her Ph.D. in religion and psychology and has served as a counselor for over 20 years. She lives in Boston with her husband and two teenage kids, where they are active in the Salvation Army.

I can’t wait for you to meet Alison. I hope this will be an important and encouraging episode for you. Here’s the interview on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 66.


So often we have the negative emotion – the anger or the anxiety – and we think we need to get rid of it, instead of inviting God to be with us in it. ~ Alison Cook

To befriend your feelings: Extend compassion or curiosity to whatever it is you’re experiencing. ~ Alison Cook

That inner ‘guilt-tripper’ is often what’s protecting you from grief. It’s guilting you to protect you from what’s really going on, which is feeling grief and sorrow. ~ Alison Cook

Seeing your whole person- the hard parts, the broken parts, the parts that need healing, the parts that have healed – is not something we need to work to fix on our own. It’s a part of the beautiful mystery of God that he is with us in it, moving us to himself.  ~ Susie Davis

Jesus was not afraid of the people who were the most broken. He went right to them, in fact. And it’s the same with our souls. Those injured, wounded parts of our souls are beautiful to Him, and He wants to go right into them. ~ Alison Cook

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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)