Your Dad’s Influence on How You See God

How would you walk through your days if you knew you had the perfect Dad? When things get bumpy, would you worry and strive and rely on yourself – or would you endure with confidence that you could always count on your Dad to step in?

I wonder how all of our lives would be different if we lived in the confidence that God is the perfect dad. How brave would we be? How much more grace and goodwill might we be willing to extend? What might we be willing to risk for our Big God Dreams, knowing that our Dad was always there to help?

Last week we explored how our relationships with our fathers affect our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Today on the podcast we dig deeper into how our dads’ personalities shape how we perceive God’s personality.

If you’ve ever felt like God is distant or uncaring, I hope you listen in and know that God loves you passionately and personally. That His heart is full of love for you, and that when you are able to look at Him clearly, without any distortion, you will always see a proud-Dad smile beaming back at you.


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