Bri McKoy | Dear Daughters 38

Bri McKoy is a writer, air force wife, dog mama, food blogger, and table person living with her husband, Jeremy, in Hermosa, California. She believes in following in Jesus’ footsteps as He broke bread around the table with his disciples, and making the table a place to welcome others into our stories.

Bri also works with Compassion International and writes online at Our Savory Life. She just released her first book, Come and Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace Around the Everyday Table. Giveaway details below!

I just cannot wait for you to meet Bri.

Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 38.


Bri and her husband have one major prayer request and action point when they move: As soon as they know they’re moving, they start praying about their neighbors and the neighborhood God will place them in. Then when they get there they dig deep and fast into community and that means inviting people over even when boxes aren’t unpacked.

We always make people and meals the priority no matter where we’re moving. ~ Bri McKoy

Part of Bri and Jeremy’s process for finding a church home: Show up. Pray, and show up. Stick with the church for a month or so. They find out what their mission is, what they’re really passionate about, if there’s a place for them there.

Are you a yell-over-the-fence kind of table person, or a sticky note kind of table person?

God honors the small. He always honors the small little actions we take. ~ Bri McKoy

The state of the home reflects the state of your heart. If your heart is tired and worn-out, you won’t have anything to pour out for people… and then it becomes kinda fakey entertaining. Do you really have anything of substance to offer? It’s not just about the food, it’s about the conversation. ~ Susie Davis

I don’t have a hospitality gift. I have an encouragement gift that wants to talk at the table. ~ Susie Davis

Bri and Susie don’t score high on the spiritual gift of hospitality. How have your spiritual gifts brought you to the table?

Vision for the Table: What has God placed in you, and what do you want to see happen at your table? How do you think God has uniquely gifted you for that to happen? ~ Bri McKoy

If we look at the Gospel, we see that Jesus is constantly at a meal. During His ministry here, He was either on his way to meal or at a meal or leaving a meal. Because He’s asked us to model his life, I think the table is one of the simplest ways we can show his love to the people around us. ~ Bri McKoy

You may not be able to open your home up for dinner, but maybe you can do coffee for your neighbors, or have a lemonade stand in the front yard, or gather everyone in the back yard for snacks, or even just gather your co-workers in the break room for lunch.

When we serve a meal, the barriers come down and we are all of a sudden just image-bearers of God doing the necessary act of sharing a meal. ~ Bri McKoy

It was not an accident that Jesus went into so many different homes and shared meals with so many different people.  ~ Bri McKoy

When you’re just living life with Jesus and listening to the Spirit, you have to expect the unexpected. ~ Susie Davis

We sanitize what the Spirit is allowed to do in our lives. God is so much bigger. If we look at what He’s done in creation and what He continues to unfold in creation and how crazy amazing it is and how much time He spends on little things like frogs and trees, why would He not reveal and do those crazy big things for us, His crown of creation, the people that He loves and knows by name? ~ Susie Davis

Be open. Don’t be afraid of what He wants to ask or show you. ~ Susie Davis

God is in the business of delighting me and giving me the desires of my heart. ~ Susie Davis

What Bri would say to her 20-year old self : Just let go, and move forward in the will of God, knowing that He loves you and He created you just the way you are.


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… grateful, grateful for Davis sharing their music for the DD Podcast. :)