Building a Healthy Mother-Daughter Relationship | Emily Boone

You know, I get a lot of questions about how to build or maintain good relationships in family. And I especially get questions about how to have good relationships between my kids and me. So today, I invited my 29-year-old daughter, Emily Boone, on the show to talk all things about the mother daughter relationship.

We talk about a lot of things including what healthy boundaries look like between us. We also talk about what she wished she could have told me when she was younger. And oh my gracious. If you’re in the middle of mothering, you’ve just got to hear that. It will encourage you and challenge you. And it might just make you cry.

If you haven’t heard: Emily is going to be at the Grace Gathering in Austin on April 12th! She’ll be sharing about some really big transitions in her life as a newlywed in a new city, figuring out all kinds of things, and the inevitable loneliness and confusion that we all feel in those kinds of big transitions.

If you’re listening and you’re in any kind of transition like: the big jump from high school to college or college to post grad or maybe even the really big jump from mom and dad’s house to doing married life as a young wife, Emily will have some incredible things for you to hear about at the Grace Gathering. As will Honey Holden, Hayley Morgan and my youngest daughter, Sara Regan. Yep we’ll all be together on stage and I’d love for you to be there too!


You’ll be encouraged and inspired and you’ll laugh and you’ll cry and you’ll feel God’s presence there. So buy your ticket and come on!!

But for now, here’s my Emily.




Finally … grateful, grateful for Davis sharing her music for the DD Podcast. :)