Carolyn Dixon ~ counselor, pastor’s wife & spiritual mama (dear daughters 10)

Relationships are the key to life.

That’s Carolyn Dixon’s motto. She spends her days counseling people how to have healthy relationships with God and others. Carolyn received her MSW at The University of Texas after her youngest son went to kindergarten. She spent the next twelve years working at a residential psychiatric treatment center as well as at a private counseling center focusing on relational issues with individuals, couples and families. Now she is full-time at Abundant Life Counseling Services in the Austin area. 

Carolyn has been married thirty-three years to her husband, Donnie, who is the discipleship pastor at Canyon Creek Church. They have four grown sons and one grandson.

I love her to pieces and I’m glad to call her my friend. I think you’ll like her an awful lot too. :)

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What are the signs you might need to talk with a therapist? Here are a few:

Are you unhappy and unable to talk about it?

Do you feel down and are unable to pull yourself out of it?

Is your life not functioning as you’d like it?

Do you feel excessively empty and unfulfilled?


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