Communication for Connection

Communication opens the door for so many different things: vulnerability, discomfort, uncertainty — but it also offers the opportunity for true connection. The more vulnerable and willing you are – the more opportunities you will have to experience something awesome with the people around you. Even more so, when you decide to be a good communicator – the rich reward is relationship with someone dear.

Here’s another episode in The Learning Series and this week, Jaclyn is back and we’re talking about things like tips for opening up communication at your table, being mindful of what you say on social media and we talk books and how they can impact communication in your life.

I hope that this encourages you to think deeply and ask curious questions or even try out being comfortable with what I call a ‘pregnant pause’ to see what God can do in that space.

And oh, I would so love for you to come spend the day with me and see the Texas Painted Churches on September 16th! We only have a couple spots left!