Creating a Welcoming Table

It is a gift to be invited into someone else’s house, to share a meal at their table. Inviting someone to your table says, “you are a part of this family.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to The Home Series this summer. I think of it as a little guide to creating a lovely, cozy, beautiful home as much as I have loved talking about it. And this week, Jaclyn Byrd and I talk about table setting.

The table is a safe space to feed people and enjoy deeper conversation. So how do you create that safe space? How do you get people to open up and join in deeper conversation? What food do you serve? What if you only have two chairs at your dining room table? All these questions and more are asked and answered on the podcast. Listen in!

I hope that you welcome others into your home, to your table, and include them as your family … and I pray that you and your people experience the Holy Spirit at your table and in your home.