Direction for Your Dreams | Beth Booram | DD 67

If you’ve ever wondered what your calling is then this episode is for you because today I talk with Beth Booram who has written a whole book on understanding what it looks like for God to birth a dream in your life. Beth walks us through the the gestational process of birthing a dream as well as providing a bit of direction and encouragement.
Beth is a spiritual director and author, who also runs an urban spiritual retreat center in her home in Indianapolis. She’s written four books, and is writing her fifth with her husband. She is a fellow table person, Big-God-Dreamer and question-asker, and I am just giddy to have her join me on the show today.I can’t wait for you to meet Beth. Here’s the interview on the Dear Daughters Podcast Episode 67.


Beth’s definition of spiritual direction: A ministry of creating space with a person to bring their relationship with God into the light as she listens to them prayerfully and helps them discern where God is working in their mind and heart.

When you want to be obedient but you don’t know what that looks like, Beth says: Ask, ‘What does obedience mean to you?’  Trust that God, in His time, will help you know what it is that you are give birth to. And it will become clear as it’s needs to become clear.

A calling is something that is an over-arching theme of your life, and it does often become more clear in focus and a little more specific. A dream would be an expression of your calling, and maybe have a beginning and an end. ~ Beth Booram

Anger is often evidence of a blocked goal. ~ Beth Booram

Beth’s advice to her 20-year old self: Relax. Lighten up. Don’t take life so seriously.

Beth’s advice to a spiritual mama missing the daily rhythm of mothering: It’s important to embrace that sadness and the emptiness and to enter into the grief of what you have lost before you can begin to get in touch with what this new season might look like. Then start to do things that help you get back in touch with your heart.


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