Freedom From Fear

How do you find freedom from your fears…and stay free? What things can you do to help you manage anxiety? And how do you best love someone who struggles with fear and anxiety?

These are the questions you asked and I’m here to answer them!

Thanks for listening in to the Dear Daughters Podcast! I’m so glad you’re here. Especially because we are starting a Spotlight Series this September. To start things off we’re highlighting YOU and will answer all sorts of questions that you are wondering.

We’re continuing to field your questions related to various topics this season. This week we are continuing to talk about fear, worry, and anxiety. If you missed the first part of this episode, be sure to go back and listen here.

These are a few things we talk about this week:

  • How trauma and anxiety in your mind connects to trauma and anxiety in your body.
  • How a creative outlet or hobby can help you handle fear.
  • How to walk in freedom from your fears and anxiety.
  • How to love someone who struggles with fear and anxiety.

I hope that the things I have learned can help you overcome your fear and anxious thoughts and I hope that you ask God to help you when you are fearful or anxious. I continue to pray that you laugh without fear of the future … and I hope that you pray this prayer for fear-ers in your life, too.