How to Handle Unresolved Conflict

Do you get a little prick in your heart when you think about someone you have unresolved conflict with?

I’m so grateful you’re here, friend. Let’s keep tackling your deepest questions and biggest tangles in this mini-mester on the Dear Daughters Podcast.

This week’s question is: What do I do when I have unresolved conflict in my relationships?

You need soul space. You need space to sort things out so you can walk in wisdom in the midst of unresolved conflict.

When you have unresolved conflict, you need to start with two things.

  1. You need a listener … a mentor, pastor, spiritual director, therapist, depending on the longevity and severity of the conflict … to help us gain wisdom and perspective.
  2. You need an appointment with them to make space for yourself to catch up with all the pain.

Sometimes we need to address conflict head on … sometimes we need to address it gently … and sometimes we don’t need to address it with the other person at all. But to know how to address the conflict we need to be walking in wisdom. We need to see things the way God sees them and be open to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in our lives.

I hope that you seek out a listener and the soul space you need to handle unresolved conflict. And I pray that you make space for the quiet work of God’s wisdom in your life.



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