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Karen Wright Marsh is a fellow table person, storyteller, writer, and theologian. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband where she runs a non-profit, Theological Horizons. She also created The Bonhoeffer House out of their own home because she wanted a space for “meals and interactions and meetings about faith, thought and life.” Don’t you just want to go to her house for pie right now?

Karen has three adult children, and acts as mom and mentor to dozens of college students who come over for food and deep conversation and all the comforts of home. She just released her first book, Vintage Saints and Sinners: Twenty Five Christians Who Transformed my Faith

I can’t wait for you to meet Karen!

Here’s the interview on Dear Daughters Episode 36.

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To us, the Christian faith is incarnational. It’s about putting your body with other bodies and talking together and living together and sharing food at a table. ~ Karen Marsh

When you tell somebody a story … it’s a way into conversations about faith. ~ Karen Marsh

One of Susie’s new questions: What was your first impression of God?

The lesson from Amanda Berry Smith is that she leaned on God in her fear and through her fear. She didn’t have to overcome her fear, she just had to trust God. ~ Karen Marsh

I feel fear but I know that God is close to me through my fear and that gives me something helpful, something to work with. ~ Karen Marsh

When you push forward and do it afraid, you get release from the bondage of it. ~ Susie Davis

At the very bottom of my fears, I wanted to avoid pain. ~ Susie Davis

I keep turning to these stories of people who experienced pain and suffering and loneliness, and they encountered God and God encountered them and they had a vision beyond their pain and beyond their fear – a vision of The Big Story, The Beautiful Story. ~ Karen Marsh

If we can pay attention and just listen for that little laugh and feel the breeze in the dark, we can realize that maybe we are in the open when we think we’re locked up. ~ Karen Marsh

Karen’s advice to her 20-year old self: Find a good, older woman who will remind you that life is complicated and it won’t be everything you expected, it will be twisty and turny, but there’s so much goodness in it and there’s so much joy in it, and you have so much to give.

Try stepping outside for 15 minutes of quiet in the morning with your coffee.

Thoughtfulness takes time and intention. ~ Susie Davis

Listening is spiritual hospitality. When we listen to somebody, we are offering the deepest hospitality. ~ Karen Marsh

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