Lisa Whittle (dear daughters 11)

Jesus is it.

I met Lisa Whittle years ago through a mutual friend when she was in Austin  and discovered we shared a literary agent. Lisa is a truth-teller, a bold communicator and she has a bottom line approach to everything: Pointing people to a passionate pursuit of God.

Lisa is the author of six books, including her latest, I Want Godand her forthcoming (April 2017), Put Your Warrior Boots On.


From church stages to retreat settings to college campuses to rehab facilities, Lisa’s message is always the same: Jesus is it. Aside from writing her own books, she busies herself doing things like advocating for Compassion International and writing for various publications. She is a wife and mother of three who loves design, photography, good food and belly laughter.

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Lisa’s thoughts on why you might need to take a social media break ~> You’re not sure you’ll speak with wisdom online. * You don’t trust what you may say online. * When social media takes up so much energy that you’re too weary to spend time with the people you love the most.

If you don’t know whether you should post something online ask yourself, “Does this honor God?” ~ Susie Davis

We don’t have a commitment problem, we have a distraction problem. ~ Lisa Whittle


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