On All Things Home

Welcome to the 200th episode of the Dear Daughters Podcast! Can you believe it? The very first episode of the Dear Daughters podcast was recorded in 2016 in my home, in Sara’s room. I wanted to be a spiritual mother to my daughters and the young women around them who were in and out of this home. And now here we are at the 200th episode and I’ve been wondering what in the world to talk about for weeks.

I realized the theme of home has been weaving its way in and out all this time. Even now, my daughters Emily and Sara are here, cozied up on the sofa, to join me on the podcast and I’m just thinking of all the times they’ve been cozied up on the sofa together in this home.

Together we reminisce on past seasons and talk about how meaningful home is and what makes a home special. Sara and Emily share their favorite things about home, what they have brought into their homes from childhood to now, and what big dreams they have for their homes. There are a few tears (on my end) and a LOT of laughter. I’m so glad they’re here and I’m so glad you’re here listening, too.

I pray that you are able to find delight in building your home. My prayer for my daughters and for me and for you is that our homes are full of comfort and beauty … that in it we and anyone who walks through the doors feel safe and seen and heard.